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*** Fans of When Life Gives You Lululemons, The Devil Wears Prada and My So-Called Perfect Life will enjoy this follow-up to The Reality Pact part workplace drama, part modern romance, pure fun. ***

Truth is in the eye of the beholder.

With baseball star Wyatt Reynolds as her amazing new boyfriend, reporter Rachel Rue may be the luckiest woman on earth — or she may be a jinx.

How else to explain that as she’s poised to shuck off insecurity and shine in the spotlight, everything goes to hell.

A crazy series of circumstances has landed Rachel on the cast of Beautiful Lives, a reality show that profiles the dramas of pampered princesses. She doesn’t belong, but stardom and the fans it brings could give her a platform to do the kind of meaningful news stories she dreams about.

Then the cameras roll and Wyatt’s arm fails for the first time. Her own career flags. Vicious rumors roil. Fans jeer at her from the stands.

She’s either a jinx or someone is trying to destroy her. But who, and why?

Rachel has to get to the bottom of it with the help of her hilariously salty grandmother and her brash best friend before the jinx claims her relationship, her career — and her dignity — or what’s left of it.  



Rachel Rue is having a bad day, one that can’t be fixed with tequila or chocolate, even the good kind. What started as the day the biggest story of her career was set to air ended with her world in shambles.

Rachel is a hard-driving news producer, after all, and her job is her life. And that life is over.  Faced with no options, a woman dedicated to the truth takes a job as second assistant producer on “Beautiful Lives,” a reality TV show in Tampa, Fla., that showcases the shenanigans of allegedly high class women.

They don’t play nice — with her or each other. As she navigates the minefield that has become her new reality, Rachel falls hard for the gorgeous Major League Baseball star boyfriend of one of the cast.

Rugged and strong, Wyatt Reynolds has a secret, one he’s made a pact to keep for the sake of protecting the owner of the team, the only father figure he’s known.

The reality pact keeps Rachel and Wyatt apart, but will a powerful attraction pull them together?

All is not as it seems outside the distorted lens of Beautiful Lives, where outrageous women rule. When the lens turns inward, Rachel has the advantage …if she can just figure out how to take it.

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